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Project Zomboid Server

The Valhalla Community
is not just another server...

We have a close knit community with some of the greatest people around who has been with us through thick and thin. People who have left to try out other servers quickly return because the experience they have here in Valhalla cannot be beat.

Valhalla Community Admins


Active Admins

Our quick response team is here for any issues and lend a helping hand.

Custom Locations

We offer custom locations to claim, anywhere, and expand your safehouse.

Daily Improvements

We have a dedicated Linux engineer to implement stability and features.

Community Center

You can safely boost skills, chat, listen to music, and live out your best life.

Valhalla Community Rules

Our philosophy about rules is to let the game mechanics enforce as much as possible. That which the game allows to happen but we deem against the rules are explained below. Additionally, this server is for adults, so we do not feel the need to enumerate all the inappropriate ways someone can discriminate against or harass another person, nor make a list of inappropriate topics. We will expect players to be rational adults who know what respect means.

In addition to the rules below, we also comply with the standard Discord Community Guidelines.

Be Respectful

  • You are a guest on Valhalla, do not adopt an entitled nor disruptive attitude.
  • Respect the server, its players, and staff who have spent time creating it.
  • Give other players the benefit of the doubt when disagreements or incidents occur.
  • Do not argue with other players in public chat, take it private.
  • Do not bring up topics that often lead to debates or arguments.
  •  English only in public chat, brief phrases in another language are ok.
  • Do not speculate about, nor speak on behalf of the server staff.
  • Do not be a "Help Vampire" (won't think for themselves, nor read things provided).

No Duping or Cheating

  • If items duplicate by accident, dispose of the duplicates.
  • If items seem to be duplicating often, please report it.
  • Do not store items in the metal workbench - it can dupe items.
  • Do not exploit bugs, report them. Do not discuss bugs or exploits publically.

No Griefing or Theft

  • Do not deliberately ruin the world or another's property, report accidents.
  • Do not place landmines or certain prohibited traps.
  • Do not obstruct roads with items or vehicles, tow broken down cars out of the road.
  • Do not tow claimed vehicles except to remove them as obstructions.
  • Building and modifications to the map by administrators should not be changed by players.
  • If it can be reasonably concluded that items belong to an active player, taking them is considered theft, and not allowed.

Loot and Litter

  • Loot respawns, check the FAQ for respawn timer.
  • Do not discard unwanted items on the ground because it contributes to lag.
  • Use a container's "Delete All" feature to remove unwanted items.
  • Do not leave items on the ground in your safehouse for an extended period.
  • Picking up containers outside your safehouse is disabled.
  • You may pick up decoration items in moderation.

Character Creation

  • You must join Discord and ensure your name matches in game.
  • Select a reasonable name, nothing edgy or offensive.
  • Players may have up to 2 alternate characters in addition to your main.
  • Alt characters may not be used to exceed vehicle claim or safehouse claim limit.
  • An admin can add your alt character to your main's safehouse and vehicles.

Vehicle Ownership

  • You may claim up to 10 vehicles. Trailers and containers are vehicles.
  • Once you revoke your claim on a vehicle, you will not be able to get it back.
  • Players can release and claim another player's vehicle after 12 days of inactivity.
  • Unclaimed or releasable vehicles must be removed from the safehouse area, or they will be subject to deletion.


  • Claim residential buildings only. (House, apartment, duplex).
  • Only claim large buildings if you're in a group of 3 or more.
  • Making reasonable modifications is ok, but leave the safehouse structure intact.

Community Center

  • Take from the donation containers sparingly, items are donated by the community.
  • Do not attempt to destroy anything in or around the CC except trees and zombies.
  • Books for carpentry, electronics, mechanics, and metalworking give you XP directly.
  • You may use the books, magazines, VHS and other media in the CC library but return them before leaving.
  • Do not pick up any plushies at the CC.
  • Do not take anything from the Altar at CC.

Admin Assistance

  • Valhalla admins also play on the server, do not harass them for help when they are playing.
  • Admins will not interfere with regular gameplay except in special circumstances like bugs.
  • Put in Discord tickets if you require help or are purchasing a safehouse upgrade.
  • If an admin does a favor for you, do not spread that favor around as an expectation.


We do not have a point system or a three-strikes rule. We treat each case of rule breaking on an individual basis. Don't expect a "first warning". If you knowingly break a rule such as griefing, stealing, or do something extremely disrespectful, you probably will be banned permanently. Minor issues such as litter and unclaimed vehicles normally result in a warning. Repeating minor issues may result in a ban.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the server?

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Our server is modded. Visit the Valhalla Community Collection page and click "Subscribe". Please be patient and allow all of the mods to be downloaded.
  2. Get yourself whitelisted by clicking here and click the "whitelist IP" button.
  3. Once whitelisted, you should be redirected to our Discord channel. If not, click here to join.
  4. Finally, click here to launch Steam and join our server.

If the server settings aren't added automagically, here is info you need to enter it manually:

  • IP: [ip]
  • Port: [port]

If you have a dynamic IP that changes and want a static IP that does not change, click this link.

If you get any errors in-game please message KodeMan#5634. The logs are in %UserProfile%\Zomboid (Windows). Just copy that into the address bar of any folder and press enter. It should take you there. File name is Console.txt

What time zone are you hosting the server?

Server is hosted in Virginia, USA, but we have players from all over the world!

Do you take steps to prevent griefing? Is there a protection system?

Absolutely! Fire spread is disabled and vehicles can be claimed so they can't be touched by other players unless you explicitly authorize them to do so. Same goes for property that you can make a safehouse.

However, if you're inactive for 12+ days (in real life), your safehouse and vechicle become unclaimed. This is to prevent squatting and ensure our server runs smoothly from inactive players.

Is this a PVP or PVE server? Are there designated PVP zones?

We are a PVE (player vs. environment) community. There is no plans for PVP zones at this time. Zombies are way more advanced compared to the vanilla game. They are faster and stronger based on the type of zombie and location, so you are always kept on your toes.

On top of that, there are plenty events that we host and give our particpant in-game coins that can be traded in for items and prizes.

I can't join the server because of version mismatch! What do I do?

If you are having issues with mod mismatch, please verify your Project Zomboid game files:

  1. Right click Project Zomboid in Steam
  2. Click "Properties"
  3. Click "Local Files"
  4. Click "Verify integrity of game files..."

If that doesn't work, please visit our mod collection page and click "Subscribe to all" before joining. This should prevent any issues with downloading the mods as you join the game.

If the above two options don't work, please try the following:

  1. Close Project Zomboid, fully.
  2. Visit the our mode collection page.
  3. Click "Unsubscribe from all" and let it uninstall of the mods.
  4. After that's done, resubscribe by clicking "Subscribe to all". Give it some time for all of the mods to be installed
  5. Launch Project Zomboid and rejoint he server.

If none of these options work, please delete the workshop folder:

  1. Open Steam and right click on Project Zomboid and click "Manage" > "Browse local files".
  2. Delete the "Workshop" folder.

If all else fails, reinstall the game.

I've played Project Zomboid for 1,000+ hours, any perks to that?

Absolutely! As a true apocalypse survivor, you earn the Project Zomboid Veteran role. To get this special role, simply message KodeMan#5634 on Discord with a screenshot of your total hours played from Steam.

Are items on the ground wiped over time?

Yes. This is to help improve our server performance and prevent lag when playing. Every 24 hours, the following are automagically removed form the ground:

Base.BeerCanEmpty, Base.PopEmpty, Base.BeerEmpty, Base.BandageDirty, Base.RippedSheets, Base.RippedSheetsDirty, Dislaik.Hat_Tactical, Base.Hat_CrashHelmet, Dislaik.Hat_SkateSport, Defecation.HumanFeces, Base.OHI_8, Base.OHI_2, Base.OHI_1, Base.OHI_5, Base.OHI_4, Base.OHI_7, Base.OHI_6, Base.Glasses_Reading , Planks, Nails, Base.MetalBar, Base.LeadPipe, Base.Twigs, Base.TreeBranch, Base.Log, MetalPipe

Just like real life, please don't litter in our server. If you see litter in random places, please pick it up and put in a trash bin or a zombie corpse. You may place as many items as you like within your safehouse.

How do I improve my game performance?

Depending on your PC rig, you can improve the performance by allocating more RAM:

  1. Open Steam and right click on Project Zomboid and click "Manage" > "Browse local files".
  2. Find "ProjectZomboid64.bat", "ProjectZomboid64.json" files and open them in a text editor.
  3. Locate these lines that contain -Xmx3072m in the code. The number may be different for you.
  4. Change the "3072" to half your total RAM multiplied by 1024 (e.g. 8GB * 1024 = 8192).
  5. Save and close both files.

You may have to do this every time game updates, but not when server updates.

If you're a Mac user, follow these steps:

  1. While the game is running, locate the Project Zomboid app while the game is running
  2. Press Cmd + Left Click on game icon on the dock.
  3. Right Click on "Project" and select "show package contents".
  4. Inside the "Content" folder, open the "info.plist" file with a text editor.
  5. Locate the -Xms and -Xmx values and apply the same update as above.

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